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Just Bunny is Francesca’s right hand-stuffy who’s been with her through thick and thin since day one. Nothing can tear these two apart—except something always does! Hop along for all their adventures in the Big Apple!

Just Bunny and the Great Fire Rescue tells the story of how this cute stuffy found himself alone in a burning building! Thankfully one of New York’s Bravest is on the scene to prove that even in the big city, selfless acts of kindness happen every day. 

Based on a true story, this book gives thanks to firefighters everywhere for saving lives and stuffed bunnies too! Part of the proceeds from the sale of this book will benefit the NYFF Burn Center Foundation.

We are thinking of all the firefighters and first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you for all you do and for always “having our backs”. Now more than ever, we hope to support you in any way that we can.  

What People Are Saying


Nura loved searching for bunny on every page. Sometimes he has cool glasses on too! Fireman are heros who risk their lives for others. That firemen’s act of kindness saved Just Bunny and made Francesca so happy!

FDNY Fire Zone, NYC

Hop on it! Just Bunny & the Great Fire Rescue is a charming, fun and funny book that teaches kindness, empathy, and community.


Very sweet…the slice-of-life plot if simple and relatable, especially for any family who is familiar with the importance of a little one’s special toy …The way this also celebrated the work and compassion of firefighters was a wonderful and unexpected theme. The art is colorful and lively…we can recommend this one.  Baby Bookworm approved!


I’m sure a lot of kids (and parents) can relate to this book. If your child has that certain stuffed animal or toy or blanket that has always been a comfort to them, then you’ll enjoy this story. My little boy really loved looking for DJ Big Apple on each page.


I highly recommend [Just Bunny] for pre-k to middle-elementary!


This story with cute rhymes has left me with many deep feelings & emotions. First it teaches kids the life & job of a firefighter. It shows us how heroic firefighters are. I like that this story teaches us how one simple act of kindness can mean so much…

Britt Bennett, @BooksWithMissB

Author Jeanne LaSala Taylor has created a special story that teaches kids about kindness and the heroism of firefighters.  You will adore the rhyming and message of Just Bunny, along with the fun of spotting Bunny on each and every page created by the talented illustrator Ana Sebastian.

Chief John Caparelli

"Just Bunny and the Great Fire Rescue will be part of our fire prevention program for the way it encourages children to respect and trust firefighters everywhere whether it be a large city or a small village. Helping people - and 'bunnies' - is our life's work."

Larchmont Fire Department

Jill Mar

"I love this story! It highlights how simple acts of love and kindness are completely heroic in the eyes of our children."

NYC resident and mother of two

Scott McBride

"Just Bunny is cute, fun, and honors New York's Bravest: the men and women of the FDNY! Your family will love it!"

co-author, The Adventures of Connor the Courageous Cutter

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